Roxow Quality Crossfit Jump Rope

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As some of you may know I like to workout. For a while I've been lifting, but to lose weight I am one of those persons that definitely needs her cardio a lot! Even though I have a gym membership, sometimes it is hard for me to go (when we are sick, traveling or just have plans during my free time). I have a solution to my problem thanks to Roxow, now!

Whenever I cannot go to the gym, I can still get my cardio workout with their Quality Crossfit Jump Rope. This amazing product has surpassed my expectations. First of all, it is light, thin, but still easy to maneuver with. The handles are comfortable and rotate really well.

The jump rope is made out of a thin cable covered by a transparent layer for your protection. The handles are 5.5" long and the cable 10 feet long. If you purchase this product you will not only receive your single jump rope, you will get an additional 10 feet cable and screws for adjusting. It also has a carrying case for easy transportation. 

We are travelers and I've been able to take this jump rope everywhere with me. Having a second cable was convenient for us because one of them was cut to fit me and the second to fit my husband, so now both of us can use the same jump rope without any problem.

In addition to all of this, with your purchase of the Roxow Quality Crossfit Jump Rope you will receive a free e-book that has the instructions about how to cut the cable depending on your height and some workout suggestions to burn some calories :)

If you would like to purchase this product click on the following link: Roxow Quality Crossfit Jump Rope.

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