Handy Panda Bungee Cord Set Review

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You can never have too many bungee cords. I received the Handy Panda Bungee cord set to review and I love it. 

This set of bungees is really neat. I absolutely love the size assortment. You have a cord for any project. The size of the hooks is just right and fit perfectly on the holes of the tarps I use. They feel durable and so far have worked great for us.

I like that the kit comes with a manual that has lots of bungee projects and tells you how to use the bungees for them. So it is a useful guide.

The set comes with 24 pieces:

(Amount) Size:

(4) 6″ canopy ties
(6) 10″
(6) 18″
(4) 24″
(2) 32″
(2) 40″

Great assortment

The measuring tape is OK though. This pocket size (genius!) measuring tape only has the measurements in centimeters, so I never use it, honestly. :(

The case is my favorite part. We recently bought a set of assorted size bungees. They came in a cylinder-shaped container. WHAT A PAIN! We love outdoors and we keep the bungees in the truck under the seats. The freaking container always rolls all over the cab's floor. With our new set of bungees from HandyPanda it is not a problem anymore. The case is like a small plastic briefcase with locks and and a handle. Since it is square shaped it doesn't move from its original place. So they are well kept and always where they should be in case of emergency.

People has complained about the bungees getting all tangled, but I received them nicely put. I keep them organized with my reusable zip ties, but since the case is big enough I haven't had any problems with them getting tangled.

I would recommend this to everyone

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