Credit Card and Passport Holders Case

As you may know thieves these days can steal anything from you, even your identity and credit card info. So when you have a contactless card (or card with RFID) you definitely need a product like these credit card and passport holders for your protection. IF you don't have a special envelope skimmers can read your credit card info while it is till in your own wallet.

Before ordering these I went to the FIPS 201's Evaluation Program online and checked if Identity Stronghold was in the list of approved products. Yes it was, so this means that these sleeves are in compliance with the FIPS-201 guidelines from the GSA.

For those of you who have never had protective sleeves for your credit cards: you'll receive basically some white credit card and passport envelopes. They will look plain to you but they are actually pretty nice. These are made of tyrek which is a strong material (polyethylene fibers) that feels like a really strong paper. The interior is metallic. Of course if you cut the envelope with scissors it will break but if you try to tear it, it will be a bit hard or impossible. The point is that this material will hold up for what it is supposed to (getting the cards in and out of it, and getting the envelope in and out of a wallet). I have had the envelope that my passport card came with, for 4 years and it still is holding up well so these will last.

As you can see in my photos my passport id and credit card fit perfectly (they are not all the way in if you were wondering) and our passports fit perfectly fine too. IT can be a little tedious to keep taking the card in and out every time you use it but you will get used to it and it is for your protection so…

I am really happy with the product. It is durable, right size, pack amount variety is nice, and now my cards are protected. The one presented here is the package with ten (10) credit card envelopes and two (2) passport envelopes.

This product was provided by the seller for testing purposes.

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