Traveling with a Toddler

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We love traveling! And since all our family lives between Puerto Rico and Florida there is always a trip planned at least once a year for us. My kid has been traveling since he was about a month old and  we have been lucky enough to not have melt downs or complaints about him ever. He is three now and still is behaving excellent while we travel, maybe because he is just used to it by now or because we have out tricks… haha!

Well, check out Kiddo Approved's blog post about traveling with kids. In his first blog post he reveals our secret to our success! I think this kiddo know what he is talking about!

Kiddo Approved: Traveling with a Toddler: Well, hello there! This is my first blog post. Since mommy was just getting some plane tickets I thought: "hmm why don't I…

Happy reading!

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