Silicon Devices COMFORT+ Bluetooth Earphone Review

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Earphones! I have never had wireless earphones, so when I was approved to review these I was excited. When I got the package, first thing you will see is a black carrying case. Inside the carrying case is everything that this product comes with. 

And what comes with the product? you may ask.
You will get your earphones, USB charging cable, 4 pairs of rubber fit stabilizers, 3 pairs of earbuds, user manual and a black carrying case with a mesh pocket inside perfect for storing all the pieces separated from the earphones.

The earphones have cool technology. Of course they are wireless. They connect via bluetooth to my iPhone 6 and MacBook Pro. The reception is great, which I love because I normally like to listen to music or my favorite tv series while doing chores around the house. They reach up to 30 feet without chopping the sound so, with these, I can listen to them without having to drag he phone or computer to each room of the house, and feel free because I know I won't be pulling the wire with my hands while I clean.

The sound is clear, perfect. And while you are using them they will block any other sounds. You will only hear the music playing on them. For this reason I do not recommend them for driving

You can control volume, skip songs, answer calls with the touch of some buttons located on one of the earphones. That same earphone has the slot for the charger. It takes about half an hour to charge and it has lasted 3 hours of non-stopping music for me.

As I mentioned, the package includes some pairs of earbuds and stabilization fits. This is a great thing. You have 3 different sizes of each, perfect for proper fitting since not everybody has same sized ears. But, if you have small ears, like myself, even the smallest size will be a bit too big for you. I don't use them for sports because of this reason, I feel like they will fall off my ear because the earbuds are a bit too big for me and for that reason the stabilization shields don't fit me, making it easy for the earbuds to fall off.

Other than that everything is a positive! I really like them, I feel free and not worried about knocking the earphones off by pulling the cable accidentally, the sound is amazing. A really good product that I would recommend.

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