Mirrored Swimming Goggles Review

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Summer time = pool time. My little peanut started swimming lessons a while ago and now, after they ended I decided to start going to the pol twice a week so he can practice. One problem: I hate to open my eyes underwater, and, of course, my little one LOVES to swim underwater, so I have to keep up and watch him underwater to see how he is doing.

For my luck I received Compressions' Mirrored Swimming Goggles and DING, DING, DING! They are a hit!

These mirrored swimming goggles are the best goggles I have ever owned. When I got them I thought they were not going to fit me because they looked big for my tiny face. But I was wrong. They fit perfectly, they are actually big but that helps to cover my eyes completely and more comfortably than regular small oval-shaped goggles. 

The view is crystal clear, it's amazing. The straps are easy to adjust and they did not pulled my hair while putting them on. They have 100% UV protection and anti-fog lenses.

While using these swimming goggles you will feel as if you didn't have them on. I would definitely recommend these to every swimmer, you won't regret getting them!

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