The Outdoor Team's Multi Binder Reusable Plant Ties Review

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Calling all my gardening readers! I received these new reusable plant ties to review and since the first day I got them I am sold! I love them. They have SO many uses. I normally use them for my raspberry plants, but you can use them for storing cables, holding loose objects together, hang stuff from hooks, they truly are awesome! 

My grandma used to use zip ties for her Christmas decor, and since she is an older woman she sometimes place the ties in the wrong place and well she wastes a lot of ties plus it is double the work because she has to cut and dispose. Not anymore with these reusable ties. You messed up? Just untie it and move it to the correct position. That easy.

The Multi Binder Plant Ties are made out of rubber that holds temperatures from -20 degrees to 150 degrees fahrenheit, which makes them perfect for year round outdoor use. That's one of the reasons I use it for gardening.

The adjustable strap is genius, you can use one or both slots which is convenient depending on the job you are giving it. They measure 7 inches long and 1/3 inches wide (pretty much like regular plastic, disposable ties)

So you have some advantages from using these ties:
1. you cut expenses on buying disposable ties,
2. you generate less garbage since they are reusable,
3. they are adjustable so you don't need to buy multiple sizes,
4. durable.

I think that The Outdoor Team has an amazing product that you all should look into. If you would like to check it out there are couple of listings in eBay at a great price:

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