Super Bright Glow Stick Bracelets Review

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What kid doesn't love glow sticks? Seriously, they are a great thing to entertain little ones. 

These glow sticks are so cool! We love the different colors. They last approximately a bit less than 12 hours but that is just fine for us. The tube comes with one hundred (100) glow sticks in five (5) different colors: blue, pink, green, yellow and orange.

They are really well made and don't leak. (I've heard people complaining about it, but I have not had any problem with mine, so they must be doing something wrong or not talking about the same item)

 The Super Bright Glow Stick Bracelets also come with the tubes to connect the ends to form the bracelets. Each glow stick is 8 inches long will fit kids and adults. 

The case keeps them in a dark neat place to store and the patriotic design makes a great item to have for the 4th of July *wink*

The tube includes instructions and warnings about hazards and proper age group for usage. The dinosaur is not included. That's just my kid making sure you guys notice his presence in this post lol

Anyway,  these glow sticks are really easy to use and they are definitely bright.

Tubes right after snapping them
Comparison between on and off :D (left side are lit)

I noticed that the brightness started to decrease within couple of minutes of being turn on (you will se a photo with the comparison, they were lit with a difference of 5 minutes) It didn't bother us because they still worked fine for what we use them for. 

We normally use glow sticks when we go camping to identify our kid and so he can identify us in the darkness. We also love to create shapes and mess around with them and the camera and keep some to give as halloween gifts to kids with food allergies (and for all the kids that want one, really)

Little one running around me with couple of sticks while I am still in the middle creating a heart shape
So far we have been happy with these, they are at a great price (12 cents per stick, it beats the dollar store) and would recommend it to everyone.

If you would like to purchase this product go to this link: Super Bright Glow Stick Bracelets.

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