RR Garden Update 3

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This is so exciting! I am in the backyard basically every day checking on the plants, fighting with pest like if I was a samurai and just enjoying how it has been taking shape.

Sooooo, since the last garden update this is what we have been up to:

We added some more seeds to our collection. And thanks to you all who voted for Mikey, he won a $25 GC from seedsnow.com to buy even more seeds!

All the seeds my little one got thanks to the gift card he won!

So far this is what our garden has:

Bell Peppers (2 varieties)
Tomatoes (4 varieties)
Butternut Squash
Guatemalan Blue Banana Pumpkin
Yellow Onions

Butternut Squash


*We started some more plants late in season: Spaghetti Squash, Cherokee Purple Tomato, Lettuce, Thyme, Basil, Cilantro and Oregano. And we are planning on making a herb garden in the front yard :)

But guys….  check out how much the backyard garden has changed:


I must say, they need a bit of fertilizer. I've been having problems with pest and my soil (lacking of nutrients). When they were transplanted into the garden I used this fertilizer: BioMax Organic Fertilizer and it was great!

It helped tremendously. It was amazing! Now after about 10 weeks they need a bit of more juice :) and I am experimenting with different things, including compost tea. So you will probably see a worm farm soon lol!

Have you started your garden? What are you growing, if not, why not? I bet I can find a way to help you get started :)

Happy gardening!

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