Camping Folding Shovel Pick With Compass Product Review

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As you may know, we love outdoors. We would love to live in a remote place like the guys from Mountain Men. Seriously, we love the wilderness.

I had the opportunity to test this folding shovel and I thought it was great because it would make a PERFECT gift for my man. We like to pack small and compact. We don't care much about the amount of stuff as long as we are carrying our necessities and that they are light enough to make it easy to carry.

This camping folding shovel is compact. It folds so small and light that you can carry it on your belt thanks to its carrying bag. The bag also  has a flap with velcro for easy and fast access. And, of course, the fabric is camo ;)

This folding shovel has different uses. Not only it works as a shovel, it also works as a bottle opener, a ripper, a side that works kind of like a trowel, and it has a compass. The shovel and trowel can be adjusted to different angles. It also has a hole that works as a nail positioner, or you can also use it to hang the tool from a nail or hook in your working area.

There are couple of things I wish were different. The plastic coupler  and the rivet. I wish they were a metal coupler and a screw. Something tells me that the plastic is going to broke soon (since plastic is not that good outdoors and the rivet will break as well.

So far the tool has worked fine with us though, but we have only had to use it for small things in the backyard (gardening, digging holes, putting nails, etc).

I think this would make a great gift for Fathers' Day *wink* or for any occasion for a man or an outdoor/handy woman :)

If you would like to purchase the product go to this link: CLD Brands Folding Shovel

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