What's growing in my garden?

So here is a little summary of what we have in our backyard/edible garden. The grass hasn't grown, but it is on its way. 

Let's begin with the cucumbers (variety: straight 8). I lost three cucumber plants, only one survives. Two died because of too much sun exposure, the other… A. Cat. Killed. IT! ugh! So we had to build a cage with shade cloth to protect the one that was left standing. 

Keep an eye on the blog because I'll show you how we made the cages. And the same method was used for my potato tower :)

Behind the cukes, there are my bell peppers. I wanted to experiment a bit and I transplanted these peppers when they didn't even have their true leaves. I think it was a mistake because they haven't grown as much and they have been outside for weeks… 

The tomatoes on the other hand have been growing like weeds! Which is good. They started to flower but I picked those to make the plant concentrate on growing and not so much on the fruit. They are still small, I can wait a bit.

I have three varieties right now: Cherry Sweet 100, Ponderosa (Beefsteak) and Tommy Toe. 

Tommy Toe tomato variety

DO you see that beige cloth behind the tomatoes? Thats a shade cloth, used to filter sunlight. And right behind it you will find my Guatemalan Blue Banana and my Butternut squashes :) They are full sun, but apparently California's sun was too strong for them lol They will grow vertically on a trellis to make better use of the small garden space in my backyard. 

Shade Cloth + Trellis = Happy Plants.

Guatemalan Blue Banana
Butternut Squash

Next to the squash, I have a 2-tier raised bed. In that bed I have carrots and onions. I used to have strawberries, but for some unknown reason they died. There is one (of six) trying to survive, so we'll see…  

I have to rows of carrots (left photo) and two rows of onions on the top tier. Onions and strawberries on the lower tier.

After the raised bed, you'll find four dirt rows. The first three have broccoli. These broccoli sprouts were also an experiment. I had so much trouble and killed a LOT of broccoli seedlings trying to grow them indoors, so I decided to try my luck and direct sowed some seeds in the backyard, I barely watered them… and guess what? They all sprouted in 2 weeks. 

Mother nature is amazing!

Broccoli seedlings

The fourth row has some peas. This little pea you see below was also direct sowed, just like the broccoli. At the same time I started three seeds indoors. 

See the difference? Awesome right? I love gardening!

Additional to these I have a raspberry plant, potatoes in a potato tower (tutorial soon), and recently sowed some sunflower, arugula, lettuce, cherokee purple tomato and spaghetti squash seeds. 

Seriously, I always say: "Oh, these are the last seeds I'm going to sow this season", then the next day I am sowing something else…. It is addictive. It is also a great activity to share as a family. My little one is enjoying it and my hubby too (he may or may not say that I take care of the plants more than I take care of him…. oops!)

Are you growing something this spring? Hope you enjoyed this post, see you soon!
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  1. I love your crisp clear pictures. I never tried to grow anything but tomatoes, it's a shame because I have a huge yard. I just never had the desire. You have a wide variety growing. I have never heard of Guatemalan Blue Banana, arugula, Cherokee purple tomatoes, Tommy toes or a potato tower. Interesting, Thanks for sharing!

    1. You're welcome! I have always dreamt about having a backyard just to have an edible garden. All those that you mentioned are new to me too! That's why I decided to grow them. I have never had them before. And the potato tower was thanks to Pinterest lol.

      Thanks for the love