Solid Stainless Steel Ice Cream Scoop Review

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Oh the ice-cream. I always have problems with it. If it is too hard my scoop slips and the ice-cream ends up on the floor across the room instead of the bowl. Or I have had scoops bend because of the same hard ice-cream. Isn't the term "cream" supposed to describe something soft and smooth? lol Well, problems solved at home!

The SUMO Ice-Cream Scoop is the bomb at home! Best Ice-cream Scoop I have ever had!

1. Non-slip handle is super comfortable and has great grip. (Plus it doesn't get nasty cold if you store your scoop in the freezer)
2. Stainless steel material is pretty much indestructible, and will never bend, no matter how hard that ice-cream is.
3. Pointy edge is perfect for rock hard ice-cream, just pass it through some warm water before scooping out the ice-cream and you won't notice how hard the darn ice-cream is. Also works fantastic with soft and creamy ice-cream. That pointy edge reminds me of a pointed hoe lol!
4. Cleaning is a breeze. You can clean by hand with warm water and some soap, or just put it in the dishwasher (YES! IT IS DISHWASHER SAFE WOOHOO)

This is all I wanted to tell you guys lol! I am so happy with it that I had to tell you the secret to my perfect, mess free, and smooth ice-cream experience. I don't think you need to know anything else. Just buy this scoop if you need one lol! I love it!


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