Luxury 1000 Thread 100% Cotton Sheets

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Shout out to my new bed sheets!

These sheets are great! I have been struggling to find a good, soft sheet and now I have found them. I received the brown set (King) for free, from the manufacturer, for testing purposes and I am in love.

They are soft and kind of shiny, you know that silky look… wonderful. They fit perfectly and keep the temperatures nice. I have had some that get extremely cold or too hot and itch… These are truly a gem.

The color reminds me of chocolate powder. It is not too dark as a regular brown color sheet. It doesn't have too much details in the borders but it is fine. It looks magnificent and I which I could have them all!

They don't have too much detail, but they look really good.

My little one approves! (Yes, he still sleeps with me sometimes. Can't say no to the snuggles)
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