FSL Xylem Earphones Review

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I've been looking for comfortable earphones for a long long time! So when the opportunity to review these earphones came up I couldn't let it go! 

This is simple to explain. Here are the things you need to know about the FSL Xylem Earphones:

1. Great look. Seriously, how cool it is to have wooden earphones? Not the typical black, red or white that are bleh...
2. Comfortable (silicone tips come in 3 sizes for better fit)
3. Lightweight (they won't fall, they stay put even while you are moving like a crazy person dancing)

4. Microphone integrated and one button remote (you can respond to calls, ignore calls, play, pause and skip music, fast forward or go back in a song with only one button)
5. Compatible with most smartphones and laptops (In my experience perfect for iPhone 6 and MacBook Pro)
6. Great sound. Not the best I have had but it is really impressive. I really love them. They are always in my purse.

Pretty much everything said in the description. Plus, the FSL Xylem Earphones also come with a carrying case to keep them safe and clean while not in use. Price is amazing for the quality of the sound. Now, it all comes to see how long they last. For now, they are a winner with me.

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