Flat-Pack Toiletry Kit Review

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We travel a lot and we like to keep our belongings sorted and organized in our bags. This toiletry bag was the perfect thing for us. We used to keep our toiletries in a small bag with a zipper that came with the luggage set, but it was driving me crazy to have everything in the same compartment. Awful.

This compact toiletry bag has different compartments that help you be more organized and not mix up deodorant with toothbrushes. We are three (2 adults and a toddler) and it had space left after putting our stuff inside. We had 3 toothbrushes, 2 toothpastes, 2 deodorants, panty liners, shower hat, q-tips, dental floss, triple antibiotic and some pain reliever tablets in envelopes.

The bag has a removable mirror (velcro), elastic strips, elastic pockets, zipper pockets and an outside mesh pocket that has a velcro and wire to make the mesh stay in place. The bag folds and closes with a plastic buckle that has an adjustable strap, when the bag is open you can hang it from a hook attached to the top of it. The toiletry bag material is sturdy and waterproof.

Included in the bag is a plastic zip baggie that contains TSA certified containers: a spray bottle, 2 silicone bottles, and 2 small containers with lids great for pills.

The silicone bottles are great because their texture and material makes them easy to squeeze, they also have suction cups on their sides perfect to stick them on shower walls or mirros. The bottles' caps are removable and they have a rotating disc that you move to identify the content of the bottles (shampoo, lotion, soap, etc) pretty neat.

This bag takes little space in your bags even when it is super full.

Overall great product and I would recommend it to everyone! :)

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