DIY Rock Garden Markers

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What should you do if you have a ton of rocks in you backyard?

Garden Markers!

With our backyard project and our little expertise about gardening we definitely needed some garden markets to not confuse the plants (now that we have them we don't need them lol)

Anyway, this project is really simple and easy. Great activity for the kids too. My little guy is 3 and he is more into abstract art, so I had to do the job.

You need:

  • Rocks - as many rocks as you want to paint, really… I only used as much as the plants I needed to identify. Make sure to clean them really well and let them dry before painting them.
  • Paint Pens - I was going to use paint and brushes, but I am lazy and the markers mean less mess and clean up when finished *wink*

  • Clear Coat Spray Paint - I didn't do this, but after a month or so outside one of the markers paint started to fade because of the rain and sun exposure.

How to do it?

1. Decide what rock you want for each plant. Some vegetables and fruits are bigger than others (and some words are LONGER than others) so you need to sort the rocks first. Make sure you know about how big or small your writing will be.

2. Write the name of the plant on the rocks. Remember to leave space for the drawing, or if you don't feel like drawing fruits and veggies you can totally write the work in the middle of he rock with the color of your preference.

3. Paint the vegetables and fruits. Start with the first one you wrote the name on. That one should be dry by now. Anyway, try not to touch the painted areas so you don't mess all your hard work. If you are using more than one color (one on top of the other i.e.: fruit and leaves like the carrots) wait until the first one dries before applying the next color.

Wait for the rocks to dry completely, I'll say it probably takes couple of hours, but I would prefer to wait a whole or half day to spray the clear coat. Make sure to check the wind direction and to spray it in a place where you don't damage your things :)

Let them dry and place in your garden!

Happy Gardening!

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