Big Size Insulated Lunch Bag / Cooler Review

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Let me start by saying this cooler is huge! I love it. It is the perfect size for my family of 3. We love to go on road trips and I don't like heavy bulky coolers because they are rigid and just plain a pain to take around or even fit in the car ( or even when I am working on the backyard). I don't like to go in and out of the house with my dirty boots (and I am too lazy to put them on and off too many times) so this cooler worked like a charm to keep some refreshments with me while I worked outside in my garden.

The color is nice, I thought it was going to be a neon, extravagant green and it actually is a nice green, maybe couple of tones lower than a shocking neon green. It doesn't hurt my eyes like I thought it was going to do haha!

It has a solid pocket and mesh pockets on the side. I normally use them to hold spoons, napkins or our stainless steel straws. This time it was holding my silicone cups :).They are pretty deep so they hold really well and have easy access too.

Here are my favorites specs from the Big Easy Brands Cooler:

1. It is narrow: it fits in the space between my center console and the backseat on the floor of my pick up truck.

2. It has a top flap: Thank you Big Easy Brands! This flap makes it easy to just turn around from my seat on the front, open it and grab whatever my little one is asking without breaking my back trying to unzip the main compartment, which helps you keep it cool inside longer.

3. The capacity: I can fit a 2-litter bottle of soda (my hubs is addicted, don't judge lol), 5 zippy cups, couple of bottles of water, yogurt and ice packs. Enough for a trip to the Bay or the Mountains and back.

4. The strap: although I don't carry it around all the time (it stays in the car during our trips) we love how convenient and comfortable the strap is for easy transportation. It is easy to carry the cooler in and out of the truck and/or the house, even if you have your hands full. IT is also adjustable *wink*

I am really happy with this product. It met my expectations: it is functional, easy to carry, holds a lot of stuff inside, keeps my beverages cool and looks nice.

We already used it for a 3 day road trip. We used it to store all our dry snacks and bottles of water. Now there will not be another bag to hold our yummies when we go on road trips, the Big Easy Brands Insulated Cooler is it!

Something I wish this cooler had was a removable hard liner inside. When icepacks start to sweat, the water just go all the way down to the corners and, even though it didn't really leak, it was kind of wet when I touched it from the outside of the cooler (since it was a long trip I had to try it at home before). Like I said, it didn't leak so it was all good :) Another thing is that the hard shell would make it easier to clean and it also helps to keep its shape and stand when its content inside is not balanced.

Overall great product and I would recommend it to everyone.

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