RR Garden Update 2

So, last time I updated you about the backyard we only had removed the mulch and begin to remove old stumps. So far here is how the backyard has been progressing in the past month:

Original, first photo of the backyard

Mulch, shrubs and stumps removed

Concrete division removed, dry grass, remaining roots removed.

Rototilling done

We are going to use the rototiller again this weekend to finish breaking up some clumps where the grass was. Then we will place the concrete division again, grow some new grass, create rows for our future tomatoes and peppers, build beds and start making some trellises.

Talking about the vegetables. Remember the first design I showed you guys for the garden? I told you  it was going to change ha! Here is our "final" design. And I say "final" because I already know I'm going to change the trellises to the left side and the beds on the area where the trellises were.

What a difference huh?

The reason why I'll be moving the trellises to the left area is because they will have more room and more sunlight. That big tree on the top right is really big, plus there is another one behind the fence. Those two trees give a lot of shade to the area where the trellises currently are during the summer, and I need them to receive more sunlight, so I decided to move them.

We have added some vegetables to our garden list: carrots, onions, garlic and raspberries.

I CANNOT wait for summer! These last month has gone so slow for me and I just want to see my plants outside lol!

This is how my seedlings look right now:

They are getting big and I am so excited!! (But I want them to get bigger already haha!)

Well, hope you enjoyed my update. One more thing, please help us win this amazing contest from seedsnow.com for our chance to win a gift card that will help us expand our garden adventure! It is EASY to vote: just click on the link below, enter your email and click "vote". That's it! I would really appreciate it. Thank you


Talk to ya' soon!

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