Red Star Tec iPhone 6 Armband Review

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Products that make my life easy are my thing! I don't have a "stereo" (like we used to call it when we were kids) to play loud music at home while I do my chores. Y'all know how hispanic people is… they need their music for motivation lol plus, I 'm not that kind of neighbor that wants the entire street to listen what I am listening to.

Red Star Tec has made my life happier. With their iPhone 6 Armband I can listen to my music while I run around the house doing my chores without disturbing my husband.

The Red Star Tec iPhone 6 Armband fits my iPhone 6 perfectly, and I can even fit it in with its case on. The crystal clear plastic on front is truly "crystal clear" and makes it easy to see what's on my screen and does not give me any problem with the touch screen. I can still text with no problem.

The hole to connect the earphones is perfectly positioned. But not the one for the camera. It may be because I fit my iPhone with the case on. Anyway it is not a big deal because I am not planning on taking pictures while the phone is in the armband.

This armband also has great grip on my arm. There is no need to make it too tight to make it stay in the same place. By the way, this armband is adjustable. Not only is has a velcro belt, it has slots A and B that give you a couple more inches for bigger. Thanks to that it can be easily worn my men and women.

Another thing. Between slots A and B there is a pocket that fits a key :) so if you go for a run you don't have to carry extra belts, you just put the key in the pocket, it will be secure and you will feel free. That pocket is really neat too if you re working outside of the house and have a toddler that locks doors from the inside before closing from the outside…. (yes, that happened. Bye bye 2 week old door knobs)

Anyway, final words? This is a great product and I would recommend it to people active that loves their music on all the time :)

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