Ramini Brands Silicone Beverage Glasses (Set of 2) Review

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Seriously? Beverage cups that fit in my pocket? Yes, please!

Ramini Brands have these awesome Silicone Beverage Glasses that I am loving! They come in sets of two and are perfect for everything! You can use them for juice, water, wine, wine and even more wine!

It is super cool because we go on a lot of road trips and hiking. We try to reduce the amount of waste we produce on such trips so we prefer to pack reusable items. These silicone beverage glasses are a great addition.

Their size is perfect for our cooler's side pockets, or just any pocket in our backpack. They also fit in my jacket pockets, so they take little to almost no space when you flatten and roll them.

The Ramini Brands Silicone Beverage Glasses are easy to clean, they don't get stained or nasty smells (at least mine don't). I always make sure to wash them with hot water after using them, if that is not possible I rinse them after each use and as soon as I get home I wash them with hot soapy water.

When you put you glass with a beverage inside, these silicone cups hold really well. They are sturdy and not wobbly like other silicone items I have tried in the past.

Oh, and they are kid proof! No matter how clumsy your kid is, they are never going to break if they fall onto the ground! Yaaay! The other day some friends came over and I served some wine in these silicone glasses. They were excited about the "unbreakable wine glasses" because they didn't have to worry about the kids getting hurt if the glass fell. Pretty neat.

This product is really great and I would recommend it to everyone!

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  1. This are great glasses, will put them on my birthday list ASAP, hope someone gift them to me ;)