+LIFEGUARD Mini Portable Charger Review

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Guess what? I am always on my phone, which means I am always with low battery. The one thing that I hate the most is to have my phone charging basically fixed to a plug. When I charge my phone it has to stay in that same spot until the battery is full and that makes me crazy.

Thanks to +Lifeguard I don't have that problem anymore! The +Lifeguard Mini Portable Charger makes it possible to take my phone with me everywhere in the house while it charges. It is a bit bigger than a lipstick which makes it perfect for my pocket or any spot (like the window trim haha).

I got the pink portable charger and it is a really pretty pink, not that soft girly girl pink that doesn't go with me. I am more like a tomboy.

The +Lifeguard comes with two (2) cables. A charging cable and a 6-inch lightning cable that is Apple certified. It takes around six (6) hours to charge the +Lifeguard Mini, and two (2) hours to charge my phone fully (from 0% to 100%). The charge of the +Lifeguard Mini is enough for one (1) full charge of one phone. The charges has a little LED light that turns on red when charging, turns off when it is charged. It also turns blue when charging a phone.

So far I have used it around the house and at the gym. I normally leave my phone in my gym bag, charging, while I exercise.

Final thought? EVERYONE should have the +Lifeguard Mini Portable Charger! IT is a must for people who loves to be connected! :)

If you would like to purchase this product click here: +Lifeguard Mini Portable Charger Pink

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