Homebrewed Beer Soaps Review + Giveaway

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I love handmade soaps. When I lived in Puerto Rico, my mom used to buy them for me as gifts and I couldn't get enough. Their texture, scent and gentleness to my skin surpassed every other regular soap.

Remember that status I posted the the other day on my Facebook page?

That is exactly how you will feel with these Handbrewed Beer Soaps. Their scents will make you relax while taking a shower, the texture is great and they feel amazing on my skin.

I've been struggling for the past year to find a soap I like for my face in particular. Since we moved here my face has been so dry and even flaky after showering (I come from the Caribbean, humidity will never let your skin get dry. Too oily and sweaty may be the problem there lol). Well, these hand brewed soaps hydrate my face really well and it hasn't been dry again. I really, really like that.

My little one has started to gently touch my face after I wash it because it feels soooo soft that he thinks it's cool! ha!

My favorite soap, since I have use of my memory, has always been oatmeal. I don't know why, but I am a sucker for oatmeal soaps. And guess what? that is one of all the soaps Handbrewed Soaps make, so I was doing my happy dance when I read it. And I was still dancing when I got the package:

I received six (6) sample bars (French Ale, Lemon Hefe, Oatmeal Stout, Orange Ale, Spiced Ale and Tobacco IPA) and a regular size bar soap: Honey Ale. They all smell great, so you won't go wrong with any of them.

I love, love, love that they are made in USA. Oakland, CA to be specific. Hello neighbor! I love Northern Cali. Another thing I like is the packaging and wrap. DIY alternative with materials that were and can be recycled. My soaps came in a paper bag with a cute string tied in the middle. Perfect for a handmade soap :)

The regular size is about 4 oz and the wrap contains the list of ingredients. Please always make sure you are not allergic before using a product.

Handbrewed Soaps not only have beer soaps, they also have wine, coffee and tea. The variety is great, so the soaps make great gifts for loved ones. Start pinning your favorites because you want to have the link handy when that time(s) of the year comes. And guess what?

You will have the chance to win a 3 pack sample and YOU get to choose which three beer soaps you want!

Just enter below for your chance to win this amazing prize!

Good Luck!

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