Dot & Dot 15-inch Packing Organizer Review

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*Note: Sorry for the crappy photos, I have been having problems with my camera and used my phone with poor lighting :(

I absolutely love this baggie! It has been a great addition for us and we have used it a lot! My husband commutes to work every day in his motorcycle. He dresses up with his bike gear and carries a backpack where he has his work clothes, bike cover, gym clothes, lunch bag and laptop (sometimes). Having all that stuff in a backpack makes it difficult for his work outfit to get to his office without wrinkles.

Since we have the Dot & Dot packing envelope everything gets there wrinkle-less. The size is perfect for his backpack, it comes with a folding board with instructions (with images) about how to fold dress shirts correctly so they fit in the envelope. The back of this bag has a hard board that makes it functional because that is the key for the bag not bending and getting all wrinkled.

The envelope closes with velcro, these are placed correctly with the rough side up, so it never touches your clothes and doesn't damage it like others I have seen.

The travel envelope description says that it holds up to 7 items and it is true. Last week my husband had a trip out of town for 3 days. He was glad that he had this packing envelope because he didn't need to bring a suitcase with him, since he could fit 6 shirts in the packing envelope. He loves it because it uses his backpack space so much better, leaving some extra free space and and keep things organized.

This pack also has a loop that makes it easy to carry if you don't use it inside a bag like us.

I think this is a great product, and we will be using it for a long long time. I would recommend it to everyone.

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