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As you guys may have seen through Facebook and Instagram, we started to plant the first seeds for our very first home garden. Our backyard is nowhere near ready to plant my beloved new babies, but since they just started sprouting we have at least six more weeks to get it done.

Right now this is how our backyard looks (don't judge lol):

The things that need to be done are:
1. remove old mulch, rocks, unwanted bushes and old tree trunks,
2. fix drainage pipes,
2. set a new layout for irrigation system and install it,
4. prepare current soil and make raised bed and trellis.

The big tree shown in the sketch is staying because its shade cools down the house during the summer. Right now it has no leaves, so I don't really know how big it is going to get, but it is definitely bigger than the one in this design.

I have more than 25 different kind of seeds, but since my space is limited I did not used them all. I did sow 10 types of seeds in a starter kit that is indoors. Those 10 plants are: two kinds of sweet peppers, three different tomatoes, broccoli, echinacea, cucumber, lettuce, chives, oregano, culantro and cilantro. I am planning on adding basil and dill to make them companions for some of the veggies. :)

So far broccoli was the first to sprout and I am a happy mama!

Hopefully when my plant babies are ready to get transplanted we will have our backyard done, and this is how I want it to look:
The bottom right line will be the place for the lettuce because it is shaded all day. My husband is not a fan of raised beds but I can't help it. I love squares and things aligned in a particular place. They are going to have trellis on the back for cucumbers and tomatoes. One bed would have cucumbers, broccoli, oregano and dill.  The other one would have peppers, tomatoes and basil. The circles that appear on the left side under the square beds are tee pee shaped trellis for squash.

Top left corner will contain my beloved lemon tree that I am begging the hubby to get me haha! The top right has banana trees, that we already have and if they survive they will go there. Then I would love couple of more fruit trees but I haven't decided on which ha!

As for the top line that is empty I don't know either. I have a lot of seeds but I need to figure out if that is a good place to plant them.

Anyway, like I said, this is just a sketch. Probably a dream that will come true completely different from what I want/expect haha. I am no expert so as I keep reading and learning about gardening my layout will probably change and I will update you with it :)

You can follow our journey via Instagram at http://instagram.com/mikes_homegarden

If you have any recommendations and tips about gardening let me know in the comments below and if would like to draw a sketch of your garden go to: 

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