RR Garden Update 1

Here is an update in our backyard project. We are working during the weekends on it because the hubby works during the week and I am also busy. 

So far we removed all the mulch, cut down some shrubs that we didn't want and sprayed some herbicide on the grass because we want to get new seeds to grow other kind of grass :)

This is how it looks:



The big tree that is still standing was left there on purpose. During the hot summer days that big tree helps the house stay cool blocking the sun, so it will stay there until it decides to die lol

This weekend we are planning on removing some stumps that the former owner left after he cut down the trees. After, even if we do or don't remove them, we will use a rototiller all over the backyard to aerate the soil and remove the weeds (this should be interesting, fun: a.k.a. back killer). Of course I have to number every single piece of concrete that divides the grassy area from where the veggies will be planted.

Speaking of garden… this is how my kitchen currently looks:

My kitchen window is the only one that lets sunlight come in. The windows on the sides of the house are shaded by our neighbors houses, the front windows are also in shade because of the covered balcony, and then the back are the bathroom and the kitchen which are the only two that can let sunlight in from around 8am to 1pm. So, the kitchen it is. 

The hubby mentioned buying a small green house and install some lights, but even though that would be the best option for us (our seedlings get leggy with the lack of sunlight here), we need to save and don't have the money right now to spend it on that. Hopefully our plants will survive their first 6 weeks inside… if not, I'm screwed ha!

Well, that's the update for now. Stay around to read more next week!

Happy gardening! 

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