KANVAS Premium Chalkboard Labels Review

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Who loves those amazing Pinterest pins that show super mega organized pantries? I sure do and thanks to Kanvas I can now start my pantry organization project with their 48 Chalkboard Labels.

These Kavas Chalkboard Labels have a nice variety. With four (4) shapes including oval, rectangle and two vintage shapes that I absolutely adore, this is one of the largest sets of labels on Amazon.com

The rough surface makes the stickers look like a real chalkboard. Ahhh adorable!

They are also easy to peel and you can remove and replace them without any harm of losing adhesive if you have placed them in the wrong area.

If you make a mistake with the chalk, just rub it with a dry paper towel and it will look like new again.

This is how cute they look!

 The premium chalkboard labels are a nice big size, they are about 3-3.5" x 2". You can definitely cut them with scissors if you would like a different size or even shape. They are reusable, you just need to clean them, write the new name and you are ready to go.

Not only they can be used for the pantry, they can be used as labels for crafts, toy bins, coffee mugs, ID of wine glasses, or anything in need for labels :D

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  1. Thanks for the review! These ones look great, I love how they are cut!!! Do you know how they do on wood? I'm thinking of using them on my soap display stands I have!

    1. I haven't tried it on wood yet, but I think they will work very well. I would just make sure that the surface is clean and free of any dust or wood residue, like sawdust kind of, to make sure they stick well. They are going to look beautiful on wood!