iCustomLabel Holiday Firsts Baby Onesie Stickers Review

Oh how much I love baby's firsts. I regret so much no being creative and fun when my 3 year old was a baby… Now I see these great ideas all over the internet and I am definitely not going to make the same mistake with baby #2.

I have a gazillion photos of my 3 year old since he was a newborn, but none of them are cute monthly photos or baby's firsts that everybody loves (especially my family that lives so far away)

For my luck (and for baby #2's luck) ICustomLabel has a great variety of onesie monthly stickers, and one of sets is the Baby's Holiday Firsts Set.

The adorable Holiday set includes twelve (12) onesie stickers for baby's first holidays, with their corresponding celebration theme graphic and name. The list of holidays included are:

- My First New Years
- My First Groundhog's Day
- My First Valentine's Day
- My First St. Patrick's Day
- My First Easter
- My First Mother's Day
- My First Father's Day
- My First Fourth of July
- My First Halloween
- My First Thanksgiving
- My First Christmas
- My First Birthday

These monthly stickers are water and tear proof so they will last for the entire day and even more. They are also easy to peel and stick, and their round shape has a diameter of four inches (4").

I absolutely love the chalkboard background and the font. I am a little obsessed with it! They have a matte finish on them that it's perfect for photos because it causes no reflection of any light.

In my opinion these 12 stickers make an amazing baby shower gift for a new mommy! And the Baby's First Holidays Stickers set comes in a white cardboard envelope which makes it perfect because you don't have to stress about damaging them or trying to find a box or envelope to put them in. I haven't used them yet, but I can't wait!

As soon as my little model uses the first one I will update this post with a photo :)

If you would like to purchase this set click on this link: Holiday Firsts Baby Onesie Stickers 

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