Finish It! Gear 3 Pocket Running Belt Review

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My hubby got us a membership to the family fitness center around the corner. I love it! I've been attending some classes like group strength training, x bike, zumba, ripped and group interval training. Every one of those have loud music all the time, which I LOVE, except for el G.I.T. which is with a trainer.

I always need my music on to get pumped, and I also need to have my keys with my gym ID, cellphone, headphones and a protein bar, just in case :) I don't have to place them on the dirty floor anymore because now I have the FinishIt 3 Pocket Running Belt.

This running belt is compact, adjustable, comfortable and has the enough space for my needs.  It has pockets and a main compartment that is separated with a mesh in the middle to avoid the cellphone to get scratched by the keys. My favorite thing is the little hole to get my earphones easily out letting me listen to my beloved 90's music while my phone is safe inside the running belt :D :D :D

One thing that I like a lot about the FinishIt 3 Pocket Running Belt is the buckle and adjustable strap. It gets adjusted by just pulling the two straps, super easy. No need to measure, and adjust, measure and adjust, until you get the fit. You just buckle it, pull and done.

As I mentioned it, I use the running belt for my interval training, but you can use it while you are jogging around the block, a walk to the park or when you just need to pack light to visit walking distance stores (like I do too)

I you would like to learn more about this running belt or purchase it, click on the following link: FinishIt 3 Pocket Running Belt

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