VREMI Organic Mustard Seeds for Sprouting Review

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I love gardening and now that we finally have a house with a backyard I can't wait for Winter to be over and start planting my own veggies (and when summer gets here I will be saying I can't wait for Summer to be over, blah, blah, blah…. you know how this works) 


I am creating a stock of seeds for when the cool weather leaves haha! I've been collecting and buying seeds since last summer, and I can't wait to tell you about my new addition: Organic Mustard Seeds for Sprouting from VREMI.

The amount of seeds is around one ounce (1oz) and they come in a small plastic zip bag, inside a paper box.  I love that the back of the box has information about what's its content and the directions to sprout. By the way, the box is really pretty!

 I received the package couple of days ago and as soon as I got it I started the sprouting process following the instructions on the back of the box.
VREMI offers four (4) different organic seed boxes: mustard, beets, broccoli or radish. They also have a fifth option which is a box that includes three kinds of seeds: broccoli, mustard and beets. 


Look! All that growth in one night!

Look at those roots! After this happened I knew I had to change my babies to another type of container, because they could get all tangled and I didn't want to break them trying to remove them. The perfect container is a mason jar with a cheesecloth on the top :) Buuuut I didn't have a mason jar, or any jar for that matter (gifts welcomed haha). So I used a paper towel and a glass bowl upside down for the rest of the process, and the strainer for rinsing purposes only.

The sprouts were ready in approximately 8 days. I enjoyed 'taking care' of my sprouts (rinsing them every day, making sure I was following the instructions). 

Loved the kick the mustard sprouts gave to my sandwiches. 

They are easy to grow and they are a nice amount (I used les than 1/10 of the total of seeds for this post). Next time I would love to try broccoli sprouts, since broccoli is one of my favorite vegetables.

Did I mention these seeds are organic! Yes! These great seeds are organic and USDA Certified, which is a plus!

I am sure that these organic seed boxes from VREMI will make amazing gifts for a gardener or even as a house warming gift for a new homeowner like me. 

If you would like to see more info about the organic seeds for sprouting by VREMI , or if you would like to purchase this product enter here: Organic Seeds for Sprouting.

Happy sprouting!

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