Nikkouware Shower Curtain Rings Review + Giveaway

First of all. You all know that we just moved to our first house, which means that we have a LOT of projects around it. We will be renovating the house through the next years and one of things that are in my list, of course, are the bathrooms. 

The thing is, they don't need an entire reno. The bathrooms just need a nice makeover and they are going to look fabulous. Right now the master's bathroom is not in use because the tub has some cracks that we still need to seal. We are using the second bathroom that is decorated with Mickey Mouse everywhere (I know, super fancy). The shower curtain had these curtain hooks that look like a question marks (?) with Mickey's face on the bottom. 


They were always getting stuck in the middle of the rod and the worst part: they started to rust and stained the shower curtain. Grrr.

Thank goodness for Nikkouware. As soon as I saw their fancy shower curtain rings and fell in love and the timing couldn't be more perfect.

Did I say they look fancy? Yes! These Nikkouware Shower Curtain Rings look like the luxury rings in hotels. I really like the shiny silver color and they make my out-dated new bathroom look a lot more stylish (even with the Mickey Mouse curtain. Haha) Their shape hold my curtain secure in the rod, not like the others I have had that would come off the rod when they got stuck.

The beads give the rings a chic look and are the ones that make my shower curtain roll smoothly from side to side. The curtain doesn't get stuck in the middle joint of the rod like before.

These rings were easy to install and they sure are sturdy. The description of the rings say they are rustproof so the next test would be to wait and see if they rust or not, hopefully not. 

Overall I love this product, they work fantastic and look great. Plus they make a great house warming gift for friends and family.

And now, what you guys were waiting for…. GIVEAWAY TIME!

One lucky reader will win one (1) set of this fancy shower curtain rings. Enter below!

Good Luck!

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  1. I think I'll keep these for myself!

  2. I would keep them. We just moved into a new house and these would be so much nicer than the plastic ones I bought.

  3. Definitely I'm gonna keep it, we are thinking of moving and this will fancy up our new house :)

  4. I'd definitely keep! We just moved and threw out tons of old gross stuff. Time to ring in the new!!

  5. buying a new house soon. want to upscale the bathroom. would definitely keep!