New Year's Eve Dinner with Jimmy Dean's Bacon Lovers

Oh the Holidays! This season is a bit difficult for me. As I have mentioned before I am Puertorican and all my family is in the Island while I live in California. I was raised in a family that celebrated EVERYTHING. Birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, weddings, Valentine's, Christmas, Three Kings' Day, New Year's… anything was a good excuse to get together and celebrate at grandma's. I miss all that!

But, since my husband and I moved, we haven't had the opportunity to be with family like that again since 2011. Now we are a non-traditional family, so we decided to skip the traditional foods and go with a Pizza Party for three this Holiday season. 

Cream Cheese Sugar Cookie Recipe

I was looking for an easy cookie recipe to bake with my little one. He loves to help me in the kitchen and I had promised him that I was going to bake Christmas cookies this week.

And guess what? I found the most delicious recipe ever! IT is going into my recipe binder because these are the best cookies evaaaa'!

Explanation behind my MIA status :)

I've been MIA for a long time, but I promise there is a good explanation.


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After being searching for the perfect home for us, and going through ups and downs, we found our perfect little home last month and we have been extra busy organizing and trying to fit everything in its place.

We also had my in-laws visiting so we were busy with that too ;)

I have new recipes in store and as we begin to renovate the home I'll be posting the projects so you can see the before and after, and you may even get inspired!

In our reno-list we have: the entire kitchen, our master's bath and closet, garage, relocating a wall to make the guest bathroom smaller and give more space to the garage and my favorite part coming in spring: our own vegetable garden in the backyard. YES! WE HAVE A BACKYARD! Woohoo!

We also have a nice tree in front of the house and I'll be building a tree swing for my little peanut! How fun, right?!

So stay tuned because there is a lot coming in the upcoming months! I prmise you I haven't forgotten about you all!

Thanks for visiting and Merry Christmas! :)

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