BrAun ThermoScan5 Ear Thermometer Review

*I received this product for free from Influenster and BrAun for testing purposes. Regardless, all opinions are 100% my own.

So I was chosen to receive one of the famous VoxBoxes from Influenster. I was super excited as they started giving clues and all of us were trying to figure out what we were getting. When I found out I was getting the BraunTherms VoxBox I was super excited. I have a healthy 2 year old, so I never have had the necessity to have a super technological or modern thermometer. All I owned was the regular (mouth) thermometer that comes with the grooming kit that all mommies receive as a baby shower gift ;) 

As every parent, I had to use that one and only thermometer I had once and it was a pain. My kid is too young to hold it in his mouth and stay still for an entire minute until it beeps. That is just not the nature of a toddler, even when he is sick.

The ThermoScan5 ear thermometer from BrAun was a slap to my face. A wake up call. It was like: "geez! what the heck are you doing struggling with that old fashioned thermometer when you can get your kid's temperature instantly with only the press of a button?" I know, right?! Silly me!

The thermometer is compact, so it is comfortable to hold and the buttons are located perfectly for my fingers to reach while holding it. 

Reads the temperature almost instantly with only pressing the thermometer button. Screen has a great size and the numbers are easy to read (it also shows the life of the battery) [batteries included]. 

It comes with a case that holds the lens filter refills (included) as well as the thermometer. That case has a window that lets you see how low you are running on filters which is great. 

Removing the filter to replace it is also easy with this ThermoScan5

The instructions are simple to follow (if you even use them, because the thermometer is really easy to use)

I would recommend this product to everyone! Even I will start buying it as baby shower gifts! That's how much I like it!

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