Fisher Price's Little People City Skyway Review

*I received this product for free for testing purposes thanks to BzzAgent and Fisher Price. Regardless, all opinions are 100% my own.

When we get a package like this it means that there is something awesome inside!

This time we were waiting for the new Fisher-Price Little People City Skyway. My son asked the mail man everyday for "his" toy since he learned that we were getting it.

When it finally got delivered he started jumping up and down, excited as a 2 year old can be for a new toy! That meant that I had to assemble it right away. 

My living room looked like a mess until I organized all the pieces. 

First of all it was really easy to put together, and it is secured with some screws.  The instructions are super easy to follow and each piece comes with a number so you know what ramp goes where. 

As described it its box, the Fisher-Price Little People City Skyway is three feet tall (36 inches and 5/8" to be exact because I measured it), and it is the tallest Little People play set to date. Woo-hoo!

My son loves the 3 ramps, specially the one that is a jumping ramp! Every time I put "my car" on the entry point he changes the switches to makes mine get into the jumping ramp and not his :) Fun thing is that the change of the switches can be made by you to make the cars take the path you'd like, or you can just leave it to the cars and they will come down in a different path every time (3 paths).

The product comes with two cars, Tobby and Tessa. :) They are perfect sized, although Tessa's is lighter than Tobby's and sometimes it gets stuck in the red ramp because it doesn't push the switch all the way to enter the path. We need to use other wheelies to see if its a problem with that car in particular or with other wheelies too. We don't know yet. That is a con for me, I would expect it to work with its own cars perfectly. We tried a Mater from the same wheelies collections and it gets stuck in every curve, the only way it can go down half way is if it goes down in reverse. 

The Fisher-Price Little People City Skyway has a crane, a "light" signal (you can change it to red, yellow or green), 2 parking spots (one with a parking meter), a gas pump, and a working gate that my kid loves! The cars have a little spot with a hole so you can pretend you are pumping some gas into their tanks :)

My favorite part is the little details. You can see paw prints on the "concrete" as well as money, a camera, an ice cream cone and the core of an apple with some ants around, hand prints, a hear with the Little People initials, leaves and "chalk" drawings. There are also more things to find all over the tower and crane :)

It is easy to carry, although it is super big and there is no way to make it smaller to transport it, but it is not heavy so if you have space in your car's trunk it would be easy and a great to to brings to a play date at a friends house :)

I recommend this product to everyone! It also makes a great Christmas gift *WINK*! 

It is for kids 1-5 years old. You can purchase from Amazon, and if you are a Prime member you will get free two day shipping :)

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