Crochet Flower Tutorial

When I was four months pregnant, my husband and I moved from Puerto Rico to South Dakota. I got a part time job (which I absolutely LOVED and now I miss), but when I was home alone I had nothing to do (besides chores), so I decided to teach myself how to crochet.

My first project was a newborn hat and it wasn't that bad. The only thing about the newborn hat was that it never fit the newborn until he was like 2-3 months haha! But it was cute…

Don't judge, it was my first time… haha!

Well, after buying all the materials needed, I did two to three projects and then stopped when I gave birth. Now that I started this blog I got my crochet bag and decided to start doing small projects like these little flowers and maybe give them away or donate.

But, let's stop story time, here is the video with the tutorial. Visit Crochet Geek's channel to learn the basics or you can just follow her on this video, it is very well explained.

Again, the video is super easy to follow and she will show you how the petals change depending on the stitch used. I made mine with the same stitch for every petal, next time I will try a bigger flower and a different stitch.

After you finish the flower you can add a clip or an elastic band and you will have really cute headbands or pins for girls.

In my bag I found elastic band, alligator clips, ribbon, yarn, glue, needles, hooks… I had forgotten about them and now I'm all excited to start crocheting again and share it with you all!

(If you would be interested to participate in a giveaway to win headbands and pins let me know in the comments below)

Thanks for stopping by!!!!

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  1. This is an art, Love how the flowers turn out! :) Ohh and I love the hat!